Ah, so I’m crazy.  

Thank you for noticing.

I enjoy the splendors of being different than the others.  

I’m quite prideful of it actually.  

For in a world of billions, why would one want to think exactly the same as everyone else?  

Maybe you like it.  

In fact it seems to be your goal to fit in with everyone because you are scared of what might happen if you actually be yourself.

You say what everyone wants to hear because it is comfortable to conform.  

I’ve never had a problem being myself and maybe that’s why you don’t understand me.

You’re so used to fakeness that it is hard for you to deal with the real thing for once.

I have some highly developed skills that you don’t.  

The way I go about things might make me appear to be a “little off” to you but just because you can not comprehend my differences, does not make me crazy.  

I know many outstanding people that operate the way I do and are very successful at it. Please, recognize our differences and accept them if you wish to truly be happy or it will eat you alive for the rest of your life.


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